Clarendon Global

May 2013 to date

Clarendon Global Ltd

Non-executive CTO


  • Health Information Systems (HIS)
  • Clinical Trials Management Systems (CTMS)
  • GDPR/HIPAA compliance
    • compliant legacy migrations
    • Office365 pilot
  • Procurement. Pricing and licencing models.
  • 5G technology, P2P distributed systems, Service-Oriented Architecture, Micro service architecture, Network Function Virtualization, Edge computing, AI driven automation
  • Data modeling techniques
  • Private, public and hybrid Cloud solutions (Azure, AWS, HP)
  • XaaS concepts (Iaas, PaaS, CaaS, NaaS)
    • Containers Orchestration (VmWare, Openstack, Kubernetes, PKS etc.)
  • Multi-tier / cross-platform architectures
    • Web / Omni Channel platforms
    • Next Gen OSS/BSS transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design & Governance, E2E System Integration / Business Process Design / Digital Biz Transformation
  • Telecommunication, Mining, Engineering industries

Dušan Jovanović
Chief Architect

Architecture, Cloud Computing, Feasibility